Jim Humble

Jim Humble, as you may know, is supposed to be the father of MMS. The “official” story tells he was prospecting for gold in Guyana back in 1996, when a couple of his men came down with malaria. With the absence of any drug and any hospital close to that area, he gave them a few drops of a water purifier he had along with him (stabilized oxygen, which presumably had some sodium chlorite together with other components). Then, as he tells in an interview:

in four hours they were up, laughing about how bad they were feeling just a little while before” 

After that:

“it took Jim a while, but he eventually discovered the simple chemistry behind Stabilized Oxygen, and how, with a strengthened solution he dubbed MMS, to release its potential so that it could reliably cure any case of Malaria” (link)

Then, until 2006 it is said he cured about 2000 people from malaria and some persons trained by him cured another 75000 cases in Africa (link). In case these numbers aren’t impressive enough, the next was written in the biography of his main webpage (miraclemineral.org):

“More than a hundred thousand clinical trials over a period of 15 years verified the effectiveness of Jim’s treatment and success in Africa. The difference is that while thousands of trials and treatments were conducted in hospitals throughout the world the data was never really brought forward for public consumption.”

One may ask: where all these trials are? And possibly some people did actually ask Jim (or other MMS promoters) for documents evidencing the results of those trials that presumably took place, because that paragraph was removed from the website. It was present till december 2008 (view web archive dec. 2008) and the next month disappeared (view web archive jan. 2009).

Some quick facts about Jim Humble’s life:

  • He is now 81-82 years old (since in 2005 he wrote he was 73 (link)).
  • He has been an active member of the Scientology sect for 25 years, back around the 80’s (as we can read in the description of the german version of that 2005 book).
  • He is often presented as an aerospace engineer and mining engineer, which are degrees he doesn’t have, as it is even said by himself in an interview:

“I started as a technician in the aerospace industry. And I just, as things worked out, I became a non-degreed engineer […] aerospace industry sort of come to an end, and so I went into mining […] gold mining, of course, because I was thinking that I could make a lot of money in gold mining”

  • According to what he has written, it seems he has worked for 25 years in the aerospace industry and then for 30 years in the mining industry (link). He must have started pretty young, since both careers make 55 years. Anyway, one can find evidence on the internet he has indeed worked in the mining field (for instance: he was co-founder of a mining company based on California by the late 70’s), but for the aerospace work we only can rely on what he has said. Some of the presumed achievements

    – He set up Atomic bomb tests.

    – He worked at Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles.

    – He worked on power generation from plasma.- He worked at Hughes Aircraft Company and was able to wire the first computer-controlled machine in the United States.

    – He repaired the Lunar Vehicle while he was working at the General Motors Defense Research Laboratories in Santa Barbara.Additionally, one can even find more odd claims:- He has created over 200 successful products and a number of inventions.

    – He has done research concerning longevity and immortality and has gained some amazing results which is probably as good as any and better than most of the research that has been done so far. The learned scientists that have stated that longevity will never be better than 120 have failed to take into account some pretty important data, even though they seem to have solid scientific data on their side.

    – He has a self-published book (“Zero Fusion and Atomic Alchemy“) where he presumably tells how to eliminate radiation and at the same time obtain gold from that radioactive material.

This electronic book is sold for 99$ via e-mail and they even have a series of 13 short videos showing this “technique”. Obviously no gold at the end…

Sometimes people accuse Jim of getting rich by the sales of his books, seminars, dvds, bottles… And then, they appear and write things like this one:

“No one is getting rich, not even Bishop Jim Humble (that’s me). All income from training seminars and goes to the Church to be used for Church purposes throughout the world for the benefit of mankind.”

We don’t know if that is true or not, and what are exactly those “church purposes”, but one thing which is quite clear is the commercial nature of the MMS promoters that can be seen on all the official webpages (jimhumble.org / miracelmineral.org / jhbooks.org / mmsnews.org …): books, seminars, dvds, donations… They even sell the blue stone Jim has on his hat.

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