Genesis II Church

It seems Genesis II Church was created by Jim Humble and Mark Grenon at the beginning 2010. Although Mark now is presented as a co-founder, back in 2010 they were telling Jim Humble founded the church alone, as we can read in the first post written by genesischurch user (registered with Mark Grenon’s name). In case you are interested in knowing the origins of this church, you can read what they wrote in newsletter #11:

“I spent 50 years studying spiritual things and traveling around the world in many cases to do my studying. In my travels I happened upon a small but very unusual church. This church has come to us down through the centuries from the original apostles of Jesus Christ. There is an unbroken lineage of succession of Bishops for 2000 years to now. The name of each Bishop is recorded. The first apostles were Bishops. The Catholic Church broke off from this first Church 325 years AD, but the Original Church continued until now. You have never heard of it because it is small. It embraces all denominations of Christianity and actually all religions of the world and always has for 2000 years. I became a minister, a Deacon, a Priest, and finally a Bishop. So let me introduce myself again. I am Bishop James Humble (Jim Humble).”

This story contrasts with what Jim wrote in an online book published in 2005 (“The ultimate enlightenment”), which by then was available in a webpage:

“The answer obviously isn’t Jesus, or Buddha, or Mohammed, etc. as the world has just continued to kill more and more people over the last two thousand years. Those who believed in divine prophets did much of the killing. Our last big war killed more people than all the rest. So obviously the answer has not been tried yet. Since the government affords much protection to churches and religions, we may consider becoming a religion. That’s OK, because that is exactly what we will be. A religion tries to better mankind, and that is what we will be doing. That point we will think about a little more before we decide. Anyone who wants to help and has the ability to do so is welcome, but no one is obliged to help.”

Obviously one of the main reasons why they became a church is due to some legal benefits like tax exemption, as sometimes is recognized by themselves:

“When a new church is formed, the IRS shows up and says, ‘If you become a non-profit 501 (c) 3 corporation, you won’t have to pay taxes.” Since most of these churches do not realize that Congress can make no laws requiring churches to pay taxes, they immediately sign to become a 501 (c) 3 corporation. They don’t realize that there are no laws requiring them to pay taxes

Humble J.V. (2009) The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millennium

Basically that’s the way are organized the MMS promoters around the globe, which has a very evident pyramidal structure with all the different gradation of their members: archbishops, bishops, reverends and health ministers. According to what Mark Grenon tells in an interview, they have up to 1000 health ministers and about 15000 members (each membership costs 35$ the first year and 20$/year afterwards). To become a health minister either you attend a one-week course for which you might pay 1500-1700$ or buy a home training DVD for 199$. It may seems expensive, but in 2010 the same DVD was being sold for 375$, and in the informative text were saying the following:

“With this DVD you can train others in your home, help people to cure themselves of all sorts of diseases, start a Chapter of the Genesis 2 Church, and build a source of income through teaching.”

Another important source of income is the sale of MMS bottles and books. For instance, both Mark Grenon and Andreas Kalcker started as MMS suppliers in mid-2009 through websites: (view archive) and (view archive), respectively. Grenon then started to upload some MMS videos in his youtube channel until the church was created and converted his missionary compound in Dominican Republic (he was a christian missionary there) to the church “headquarters” where Jim Humble moved to. Meanwhile, Andreas Kalcker started to give his first talks in order to promote MMS. He decided to play the scientist role and give the impression he was giving talks to altruistically share his “knowledge”. As the rest of the MMS promoters, he is very good in pretending to be what he is not.


2 thoughts on “Genesis II Church

  1. Jenell Redding

    Have you been on deaths bed willing to try anything, and then try MMS and it worked to bring you back from the brink? I have and you should know you nor I or anyone else knows what is in store for either. Be certain before making comments you have no knowledge about. I will pray for your enlightenment. Thank you for reading this comment. JR


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